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The IT infrastructure of companies is a manifold ecosystem of components from multiple vendors. Thus there are many interfaces and friction points. Differing definitions and incoherent understandings of quality and its underlying processes by all those actors in the ecosystem often result in misunderstandings leading to critical defaults and security issues.

Therefore numerous companies within the IT sector such as T-Systems, Brocade, SAP, Cisco, IBM, Dell, EMC, HDS, HPE, Juniper, NetApp, Suse have joint together in the “Zero Outage Industry Standard” association to define an industry standard for IT quality. 

How can an industry standard help? In order to guarantee Zero Outage to our customers we need to standardize the quality of IT platforms, people, processes and security throughout the whole life cycle. Doing this, companies will be able to minimize errors, increase availability, ensure security and operate cost-effective.

The aim is to work together as partners and develop an open industry wide known and respected “Best Practice” approach that is generally applicable to ensure a stable, secure IT. The association focuses consistently and systematically on quality with the aim to prevent outages and learn from each other.

Mission, Goal & Value

The zero outage industry standard association wants to maximize customer satisfaction and value by providing a framework of best practices and standards to enable the delivery of secure, reliable and highly available end-to-end IT services and solutions. The association is a collaboration of market leaders working with principles of trust, transparency, flexibility and agility to continually provide Best Practices to enable highly reliable IT-services.

Our goal is to develop a common standard for IT processes, platforms, people and security to safeguard quality and reliability at all levels. 

Value for customers and IT suppliers:
The goal of the Zero Outage Industry Standard is to strive for Zero Business Outages. Companies following and applying this standard will benefit from the combined industry experience of providers as well as consumers of highly available and reliable IT solutions. The standard contains recommendations that will assist in finding the right balance between reactive and proactive activities.

The Zero Outage collection of best practices offers proven guidelines which enable IT professionals to better plan, build, deliver and run end-to-end IT solutions.These guidelines are geared towards aligning most critical business functions and processes. Our proposed Industry Standard offers a holistic view beyond technology and it includes additional dimensions like people, processes and security.

Our objective is twofold:

  1. We provide guidelines that describe how to provide Zero Outage enabled services, based on operating procedures, for customers and specific use cases for suppliers.
  2. We prescribe how to implement Zero Outage compliant services and management capabilities with specific design criteria, that shall be used by suppliers as a requirement document for their product and service development. Benefits for the IT consumption side of services for example is standardized, precise and measurable input to Requests for Proposals (RFP)s.


„For us at Hewlett Packard Enterprise developing, planning, building and operating IT environments for high availability has always been at the heart of our business. With digitization, IT is becoming more and more critical for the success of companies and our economy in general. By joining this initiative as a founding member, HPE wants to contribute to achieve the vision of an IT that never fails. We’re convinced that the work of this group will be beneficial for our societies, our economies and our own customers”

Rainer Peters, Director Technology Support Germany, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

„Our promise is based on the very needs of our customers: Always on. Swisscom is one of the most innovative and sustainable telecommunication companies and has played a pioneering role in many developments in the sector. We look forward to sharing our expertise with various representatives from the IT and telecom industry as part of the Zero Outage initiative to help further improve high-quality ICT processes.”

Wolfgang Eger, Head of Swisscom Operations

„In today’s digitized world, ‘always-on’ services and solutions are paramount for IBM clients and customers. IBM has a proud tradition of supporting open source communities and industry collaborations, and always strives to serve our clients’ interests in an integrated and unified way. We are honored to contribute our experience as a leading services integrator to this new standard with the Zero Outage Industry Standard Association to encourage the continued availability and reliability of IT infrastructures today and in the future.”

Bernhard J Klingenberg, CTO, IBM Resiliency Services

"Dell focusses on delivering the best technology, service, end-to-end processes, and security to enable industries around the world to conduct business continuously with zero interruption. To achieve this, we are a member of the Zero Outage Association, where we focus on eliminating outages while navigating the digital shift, and resiliency in a world of heterogeneous ICT."

Richard Nicolas, Chief Customer Office, Dell EMC

“Today’s businesses run on digitized data. In this data-driven world, 24/7 systems availability and the ability to react in real-time are indispensable – any interruption to core business applications threatens a company’s ability to execute, putting itself and customers at risk. We are proud to be a founding member of the Zero Outage Industry Standard initiative to improve the quality of IT infrastructure.”

Alexander Wallner, Senior Vice President & General Manager EMEA, NetApp

“As a founder member of the Zero outage standard, Brocade is excited to be at the start of what will be industry changing. Driving infrastructures that meet the zero outage standard will mean greater productivity as we move into the full digitization of data and help organsations to embrace digital transformation.”

Jim Tooley, VP Global Services & Support, Brocade

“Zero Outage started as a quality program at T-Systems and has now grown into an industry standard. Together with our partners, we provide top quality and increase customer satisfaction. The focus on Zero Outage is indispensable for our interconnected world and a mandatory thing for digitization.”

Reinhard Clemens, CEO, T-Systems International GmbH

“Service uptime is key in today’s Digital age. Expectations for reliable and round-the-clock access require companies to ensure availability through leading-edge business processes and mission-critical-enabled infrastructure. Together with partners, SUSE is committed to provide this reliable infrastructure Joining with Zero Outage will provide new insight and practices to enable today’s companies to deliver secure, reliable services and solutions.”

Michael Jores, Regional Director Central Europe, SUSE

“As an organization’s IT infrastructure can involve a complex ecosystem of technologies from a variety of vendors, there are often differing levels of service-level agreements in place which can lead to critical defaults and security issues. With the Zero Outage Industry Standard Association, major technology- and telco-companies want to start an industry-wide discussion and work out a common understanding of quality.”

Stephan Kasulke, Board of Directors Zero Outage Industry Standard Association, SVP Quality T-Systems

"Sicherheit ist das höchste Qualitätskriterium für die Services von maincubes, verbunden mit dem Ziel, dem Kunden im SLA eine 100%ige Verfügbarkeit zu versprechen. Die schrittweise Umsetzung der Best Practices von ZeroOutage soll dafür eine wesentliche Grundlage schaffen. Gleichzeitig beabsichtigt maincubes eine aktive Mitarbeit in der Weiterentwicklung des Industriestandards, um gemeinsam mit den Mitgliedern des Vereins in den vier Säulen Security, People, Processes und Platforms auch das Thema Rechenzentrum in angemessener Weise zu etablieren."

Oliver Menzel, CEO maincubes one GmbH

Dell EMC
Hewlett Packard
maincubes one


Our members come from different areas of the IT industry but we have one thing in common: we want to combine our experience through best practices to help companies to optimize their IT environments. Through standardization of trainings, processes, platforms and security companies can increase customer satisfaction and efficiency by reducing downtimes to a minimum.

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We are offering two types of memberships:

Regular members

This kind of membership is characterized by contributing to our work streams / projects and it includes a seat in the board of directors. That means influencing the work, the results and the achievements of our association. Enterprises typically are regular members.

Associated members

As an associated member there is also the opportunity to contribute to our work streams / projects. The impact is limited on the results of the work streams. Organizations like associations, universities and non-profit organizations typically are associated members.

Work has already begun and we are happy to welcome every new hand.  For further details regarding the industry standard and your opportunity to become a member, please refer to our bylaws.

Thank you for your interest in our white paper!

Thank you for your interest in our white paper!


Thank you for your interest in our white paper!

Thank you for your interest in our white paper!


Thank you for your interest in our white paper!

Thank you for your interest in our white paper!